Group 10 – HELIOGEAR

Team Members

Sami Ghazzi, Trevor Noyes, Rudy Olivia, Julia St Hilaire, Katie Lara, Jeremy Rutenberg, David Norton


The hedgehog concept of HelioGEAR is to use innovation through mechanical engineering design to make renewable energy economical. Utilizing unconventional materials for various subsystems drives extremely competitive cost for this concept. The support subsystem is made using PVC tubes, which is normally used for fluid and waste handling, rather than a support application. The reflective material utilizes mylar, not only making the cost more competitive, but also driving durability as it is impact resistant and easy to resurface when necessary. This concept also incorporates a geared actuation mechanism, allowing for highly precise desired movements to track the sun throughout the day. Furthermore, this concept houses the electronics in the support subsystem, rather than designing additional housing. This enables the HelioGEAR concept to be of small-scale, competitive cost, and most importantly to make renewable energy economical.

Pitch Video


Final Video