EML4502 – Mechanical Engineering Design 3

EML4502 – Mechanical Engineering Design 3

Course Description

Mechanical Engineering Design 3 (Mech 3) is the second course in the ME Capstone sequence. Mech 3 is a hands-on design & build course that challenges students to advance the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of given engineering designs toward realization of pre-commercial products. In some semesters, student teams begin with a paper design from Mech 2 and built a functional prototype. In other semesters, student teams start with a previous Mech 3 functional prototype and transform it into a pre-commercial product.

Summer 2023 Projects

Group 1 – Fourth Axis

Team Members: Nicholas Schrott, Eduardo Manso, Matheus Santos, Nicholas Butcher, Theodore Andrzejczyk, Xinyu Wang, Denis Martinez, Rashad Stubbs