EAS4700 – Aerospace Design 1

EAS4700 – Aerospace Design 1

Course Description

Aerospace Design 1 is a single semester course that has 4th and 5th year engineering students apply the technical and theoretical knowledge they have learned in designing a spacecraft or related astronautical vehicle. The projects have teams of students working together to solve real-world engineering problems to produce a feasible design to meet provided project requirements.

Students are exposed to and get practice using Project Management principles and techniques typically used in the aerospace industry.

By the end of this course the students will be able to:

  1. Prepare technical documents applicable to the aerospace industry.
  2. Prepare schedules and budgets applicable to aerospace projects.
  3. Give technical presentations and develop communication skills.
  4. Work in a team and lead a team.
  5. Seek, find, and assimilate the knowledge needed to solve new problems.

Spring 2023 Projects

Group 1 – Odyssey Pod

Team Members: Cameron Aitchison, Rebecca Simonson, Austin Wendling, Rhovens Belizaire, Richard Berrios, Jr., Logan LeMond

Group 2 – Vulcan

Team Members: Manning Davis, Denis Martinez, Dom Romeo, Nick Sturmthal, Dennis Wasko

Group 3 – Hermes 1

Team Members: Sean Caruana, Tsz Pan Chu, Nick Gallego, Brandon Jaen, Jackson Jeffares

Group 5 – ORBIT 5

Team Members: Ted Farrar, Hannah Shanker, Lucia Pucciarelli, Jared Amrose, Rob Swiney