EML4501 – Mechanical Engineering Design 2

EML4501 – Mechanical Engineering Design 2

Course Description

Mechanical Engineering Design 2 is a capstone course where students develop and present the design of a comprehensive mechanical system to solve a real need. The project based course involves solving engineering problems encountered by clients in a range of industries. Students develop proficiency in: 

  1. Applying STEM principles in the product development process.
  2. Applying appropriate engineering design methods to produce creative solutions that meet specified needs. 
  3. Communicating effectively with a range of audiences.
  4. Functioning effectively on a creative, collaborative, and inclusive team that meets established goals. 

Summer 2023 Projects

Group 1 – Leander

Team Members: Jason Baterna, Cole Burgess, Thomas Eggers, Griffin Goldstein, Joseph Hill, Dylan Leong, Dean Quilon, Madysen Wiley

Group 2 – AIDdition

Team Members: Francisco Antunez, Layali Bazar, Graham Cope, Pierre Exantus, Jonathan Gordon, Sam Jones, Olivia Miller, James Zhao

Group 3 – gAIn-A-Grip

Team Members: Eduardo Artiles, Anthony Beougher, Joel Cruz, Drew Fernandez, Jason Hackett, Andrew Kaye, Cara Pamintuan, Daniel Rodrigues de Souza

Group 4 – WheelEase

Team Members: Gabriel Barnes, Brandon Bulnes, Juliette Dalessandro, Christian Garza, Aidan Henriksen, Isaiah King, Andrew Pham, Jessie Shutzberg