EAS4710 – Aerospace Design 2

EAS4710 – Aerospace Design 2

Course Description

Aerospace Design 2 focuses on designing and building an unmanned, electric powered, radio controlled aircraft. Students are expected to design the aircraft wings, fuselage, propulsion system, tail, landing gear, etc. With the designed CAD model, the majority of the structural components will be 3D printed (with carbon fiber composite as optional). Students also need to learn which electronics are needed and how to install them on the RC airplane. There will be a test flight towards the end of the semester. Each group will design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio-controlled aircraft that can be best meet design requirements. The goal is a balanced design with good flight performance and affordable and practical manufacturing.

Spring 2023 Projects

Group 1 – Daedalus

Team Members: Alexander Glotov, Mark Cartee, Matheus Santos, Matthew Spychalski, Wilson Matungwa, Sean Skowron, Nash Zheng, Sergio Lopez, Stanley Noel, Marcelo Valdez, Manitratiana Andriamiarantsoa

Group 2 – Phoenix

Team Members: Zackary Bullock, Matthew DeBacker, Kayla Liscio, Luke Canfora, Nicholas Cocoves, Luke Kaufman, Hunter Dahlgren, Madeline Stophel, Stephen Conn, Williams Hernandez

Group 3 – Silver Surfer

Team Members: Sabrina Vehec, Joshua Khouri, Chandler Leblanc, Devin Pryor, Gabriel Espinoza Lemos, Giancarlo Grieco, Juan Rodriguez, Thomas Vetter, Zhane McCleod

Group 4 – Marty

Team Members: Joshua Carson, Charles Hanlon, Jack Passero, Alex Patton, Brett F, Chris Hackbardt, Ian Schiess, Tao Dobbins, Giancarlo Gomez, Aaron Klein