Group 1 – Daedalus

Team Members

Alexander Glotov, Mark Cartee, Matheus Santos, Matthew Spychalski, Wilson Matungwa, Sean Skowron, Nash Zheng, Sergio Lopez, Stanley Noel, Marcelo Valdez, Manitratiana Andriamiarantsoa


Our objective was to design an advanced aircraft that could operate at elevated air speeds with an emphasis on maneuverability. The design did not optimize features to best fit the basic project requirement, but it instead facilitated our team’s goal to complete the proposed mission faster than a traditional propeller driven aircraft while still remaining within the project constraints. Furthermore, the aircraft was designed to be operated by a pilot with prior supplementary practice and experience. Since the aircraft was expected to accomplish the goals of the test flight comfortably, it was designed with high responsiveness to pilot inputs rather than remaining constrained to maintain dynamic and static stability. The initial flight of the fully 3D printed aircraft revealed issues with the propulsion system and landing gear. After a redesign, the plane flew successfully and sustained no damage throughout the entire flight day. At this point, all requirments for the plane had been met. Lator on, the plane’s limits were pushed using newly manufacturing carbon fiber wings; however, this flight day resulted in catastropic failure where only the landing gear and wings were salvagable.

Pitch Video

3D Interactive Product Model

The following is an interactive 3D model of the product design. You can view and rotate the product assembly in different orientations and views, including an exploded view to see the various parts that make up the assembly.