Group 4 – SSEVAC

Team Members

John Phingsten, Jonah McDowell, Thomas Reeder, Cade Rylands


The purpose of our design is to allow quick and easy access, for a single person spacecraft, to perform Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs) on and in the vicinity of a larger spacecraft. This design avoids the hazards associated with traditional EVA’s, such as pre-breathing and cycles of decompression and recompression needed for traditional EVAs (see space suit). Our design incorporates solutions for international docking, a 9-hour mission capacity, flexible dimensions for male/female pilots, and compatibility with all launch vehicles rated to carry cargo of 800kg. During operation maintenance is performed using the Dexterous Remote EVA Articulated Manipulator System (DREAMS) supplied by an outside vendor. Built in emergency systems allow remote piloting by the main spacecraft to bring the craft back to the international standard docking port to rescue the passenger. For our launch vehicle we chose the Falcon 9 Rocket due to its simple two stage design which reduces stage separations and its re-usability which reduces launch costs. Our craft has a payload adapter on the bottom of the structure which allows the craft to be mounted in the trunk of the dragon capsule in an upright position.

Pitch Video