Group 1 – Odyssey Pod

Team Members

Cameron Aitchison, Rebecca Simonson, Austin Wendling, Rhovens Belizaire, Richard Berrios, Jr., Logan LeMond


The Odyssey Pod is a single-person spacecraft which docks to the ISS to enable faster EVA missions. It will be launching in quarter four 2030 aboard the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the Dragon 2 unpressurized cargo trunk attached. A large viewing glass and robotic arms with access to the payload container allow the operator to perform a wide variety of tasks and repairs. The operator will have full comfort as the interior will be maintained at ISS atmospheric conditions and provide any amenities and adequate safety features within arms reach. The batteries onboard provide adequate power to the spacecraft for a full nine hour mission. The propulsion system allows for full six degrees of freedom control, with adequate fuel for any potential missions around the ISS. Redundancy is incorporated to provide escape in emergency situations to get back to the ISS. The onboard computer and GNC systems supplies detailed control adjustments to the operator. Communication links are established with the ISS which also provides the ability for full remote piloting of the spacecraft. Thermal protection systems are deployed as well as vibration mitigation to provide safe and comfortable operation.

Pitch Video