Group 2 – Vulcan

Team Members

Manning Davis, Denis Martinez, Dom Romeo, Nick Sturmthal, Dennis Wasko


The VULCAN, when it comes to maintaining and repairing the International Space Station’s exterior, this spaceship is a game-changer. VULCAN enables quick mission preparedness thanks to its pressurized capsule, which maintains equal atmospheric pressure to the ISS. It has eight cold gas thrusters, which permit motion in all six degrees of freedom and allows operators to move around precisely and reach any area of the ISS. The solid-state battery of the VULCAN spacecraft can keep the craft running continuously for up to 10 hours. This allows the operator to work without a suit in an environment that is identical to the ISS with a fully functional life support system. To transport audio between the spacecraft and the ISS, the VULCAN features S-band receivers and transmitters. Additionally, the Vulcan can transmit high quality video to the ISS thanks to the incorporation of X-band receivers and transmitters.The DREAMS unit on the VULCAN is a remote control three-arm system, which is used to fix and move any equipment or part around the ISS. The VULCAN has a storage compartment that can transport larger components and hold tools. This is a spacecraft to revolutionize EVA’s on the ISS.

Pitch Video