Group MT0B-1 – SiMooLation Gators™ – Si-Moo-Lator™

Team Members

Brandon Bulnes, Drew Fernandez, Giuliano Lupica Tondo, Anissa Mansouri, Nicholas Quach, Jazmine Sandoval, Benjamin Sauer


Render of developed solution

Photo of developed solution

Cattle production in the United States reached a substantial $88.4 billion in revenue in 2023, highlighting the critical need for understanding bovine digestive systems. At MooTech, we specialize in crafting advanced agricultural research units tailored to researchers’ specific needs, focusing on user-friendly bench-top lab equipment. Our commitment to innovation drives us to develop cost-effective, efficient solutions equipped with automated data management capabilities, facilitating seamless integration into research laboratories worldwide. Drawing from existing digestive system simulators, MooTech’s inventive design guarantees superior results and maximizes productivity. Our RUSITEC System represents a shift in cattle digestion study, integrating modern technology with user-centric features. The unique structural design allows for enhanced adaptability, easy access to the feedhole and controls, and quick rotation of the control box to take apart and clean the system. Powered by advanced technology, our water bath heating system and mixing systems replicate natural fermentation processes, streamlining research processes while saving valuable time and resources. With intuitive controls and automated data management, the RUSITEC System sets a new standard for ease of use, driving advancements in agricultural research and innovation.

Pitch Video

3D Interactive Product Model

The following is an interactive 3D model of the product design. You can view and rotate the product assembly in different orientations and views, including an exploded view to see the various parts that make up the assembly.