Group 13 – HELIO-ONE

Team Members

Nicholas Bernardoni, Thomas Gallagher, Nathaniel Keyes, Chia-Hsiu Lin, Joseph Nabors, William Thomas


In a world that continuously demands more electrical power, Group 13 presents HELIO-ONE. Sitting at $134 per module before manufacturing and installation fees, our heliostat design offers a modular more cost-effective alternative to the current heliostat designs. HELIO-ONE allows capturing concentrated solar power profitable, eco-friendly, and an appealing long-term investment. What makes HELIO-ONE special, besides the zealous team that passionately designed the lightweight, storm-resistant system, is the capabilities the heliostat can perform at a fraction of the cost when compared to the current competitors. Wireless closed loop Wi-Fi connectivity also minimizes power consumption. Moreover, the smaller reflective surfaces allow for cheaper materials to be incorporated into the design which decreases cost while maintaining efficiency. Increased mirror sizes require expensive motors to run and higher maintenance that goes along with repairing them. The solar tracking system utilizes a complex, self-correcting algorithm to accurately adjust the reflective surface faces during all operational hours. Stepper motors enable the system to make fine adjustments depending on the mirror’s corresponding position down to ±.25º in the vertical and horizontal directions Another functional advantage of HELIO-ONE is its independent mirror actuation. Choosing to invest in HELIO-ONE is not only an excellent financial decision but also an ethical decision promoting clean, reusable energy collection.

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