Team Members

Daniel DeCario, Brandon Fallin, Tyler Less, Michael Moore, Serene Shbaklo, William Thorne, Maria Zapata


The CycloTracker Heliostat captures both sunlight as well as the group’s dedication to quality, safety, and performance. Through the use of a dual-cycloidal drive system, the unit is able to track solar position and reflect light towards a target with pin-point accuracy. Manipulation of each motor is controlled via limit sensors which provide homing locations and are programmed to account for switch bouncing, further ensuring precision in rotation. The manufacturing process of the CycloTracker is straightforward and expeditious. Since no parts or subsystems are permanently fastened, the entire unit may be assembled and disassembled in a matter of hours. The screws and other fasteners comprising the assembly are standardized, further adding to the simplicity of the build process. Should the unit require maintenance and repairs, all parts are procurable commercially or are 3-D printed in under twenty-four hours. Despite its modular nature, the design is robust and is proven to operate in severe weather environments, having endured wind tunnel testing at speeds of up to 134 miles per hour without issue. Non-reflective surface area is minimized, allowing for the placement of multiple units in a given space to maximize the harnessing of solar energy. In closing, the CycloTracker is an affordable, modular, and efficient heliostat mechanism which incorporates various unique design aspects to meet and exceed consumer needs.

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