Group 17 – MAGNA RE

Team Members

Samuel Aplin, Samuel Beck, Anderson Brunsvold, Christina Dorsey, Marvin Portillo, Braydon Shepherd, Kent Snelson


The Magna Ra introduces a collection of benefits to green energy production not offered by the modern heliostat market. This unique design offers its advantages in compactness and movement accuracy, relative to other competitors in the market. Upon implementing 37:1 worm gear sets for actuation along the elevation and azimuth axes, a motor step yielding in a 0.049-degree rotation of the worm gear provides high precision movements. With a maximum and minimum height of 7.77 and 6.94 inches respectively, the Magna Ra separates itself from competitors by offering a compact design with both a low center of gravity and allowable rectangular volume needed for enclosure. The small design contained in a 197.0 in3 rectangular volume allows for greater spatial optimization in a solar field while also minimizing the farthest distance to the target tower of any one unit. Lastly, by 3D printing all parts aside from laboratory-provided or off-the-shelf electronics hardware, motors, fasteners, worms, and sleeve bearings, a full prototyping cost of $58.44 is among the most affordable in this market. The Magna Ra, defined by its minimal size and optimized performance, introduces a new vision to solar powered systems not often observed.

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