Team Members

Mohammud Al-Shaboul, Justin Forgas, Jacob McKishnie, Fnu Mishal, Garrett Oehlerking, Gurgen Saakian, Jack Spillman


Solar Reflecting Harmonic Drive, or SoRHaD, features an advanced harmonic drive train coupled with two 45-degree pivoting elbows, providing the full range of motion required for heliostat operation. The use harmonic drive was inspired by the Vertical Takeoff and Landing technology of the F-35 Lightning Aircraft. The current harmonic drive installed in SoRHaD allows a gear reduction of 60: 1 with minimal backlash and precise movement. While prioritizing design for assembly, the ingenious SoRHaD design has a replaceable hm111011ic drive feature, allowing the system to be adjusted for different gear ratios, and improving the maintenance process. Given the budget, time limitations, and available resources, the primary strategy of the team was to take advantage of 3D printing and design for assembly. Apart from low friction bearings on the harmonic wave generator and a total of only 13 fasteners, the heliostat is made entirely of PLA and PETG. Snap-fit connections provide ease of assembly and lower the cost and number of pmts. The result of this design strategy is a heliostat that not only meets the customer’s needs, but also catches the eye of the customer with its innovative and unconventional design, stm1ding out from current competitors.

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