Group 2 – SPYRELY

Team Members

Frank Daldine, Chloe Glaum, Simon Hoo, Bilal Nagi, Juno Nelson, Thomas Sinclair, Elisha Tendah


The aim for our project was to create an RC aircraft, capable of taking off within a 40-foot runway length, flying for two minutes, and landing without bouncing off the runway without mechanical failure. Our design is 3D printed from PLA, and features an elliptical high-wing, a tail-dragger landing gear configuration, a 10-inch propeller, conventional tail design, and the Bad Ass 2814 motor. The airfoil chosen for the wing was the NACA 2412, noted for its use in stable aircraft such as the Cessina-172. It demonstrated the greatest at the highest angle of attack in the trade study. Using the tail dragger landing gear configuration, the aircraft was designed to have an initial angle of attack of 10°, thus the NACA 2412 was chosen to complement this. The propulsion system comprises the Bad Ass 2814 motor which was selected with a decision matrix. This combined with a dual blade 10”x 6” propeller and a tractor configuration, 11.85 N of thrust is supplied to the aircraft, and 110.72 W of power.