Team Members

Kevin Cochran, Connor Duffy, Jeffrey Ho, Dante Marra, Connor Murray, Sierra Vidales


STAR was designed with a focus on simplicity by using 3D printed parts for cost effectiveness and ease of repair/replacement as well as solving the need for an extremely accurate light reflector. Our heliostat is entirely comprised of 3D printed parts in order to reduce manufacturing costs and make any future repairs simple. In total there are 9 printed parts. The only OTS/purchased parts are the electronics, mirror, tripod attachment, heat-set inserts, and a few small screws. Also, we have minimized fasteners by using glue when possible. Furthermore, our overall device is relatively small as it is less than 1 ft3. Our design rests on a small case that holds the electronics. On top of the case is a rotating vertical tube that houses the azimuth motor. On top of that is a horizontal tube that houses the elevation motor which does not rotate, but the lever arm and mirror attached to it rotates in the elevation axis. A mechanism we have designed and believe is unique is the way our moving parts connect via a key lock. These locks are easy to connect and remove without any fasteners and will never come apart when the device is functioning due to their orientation and the integrated limit switches. Continuing, our motors, gears, and all electronic components are completely enclosed within the casings to limit any issues due to the natural elements. Finally, our axes of rotation align with the typical xyz coordinate axes which make the coding simplistic.

Pitch Video


Final Video