Team Members

Pranav Anumulapally, Caroline Callahan, Nate Esteban, Sam Kusters, Nina Sutcliffe, Jaime Van Malleghem, Katrina Winkler


The Persephone Mission begins at launch from Kennedy Space Center where the Space Launch System will take the payload into a 3,000 km x 70,000 km Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit. After a rendezvous with the Lunar Gateway Mini Space Station, the payload will complete a transfer ellipse, converting to a near 100 km circular parking orbit. At this time, the payload will complete its pre-operational descent from lunar orbit to the Shackleton Crater Station. The hopper will be responsible for providing support to any habitable mobility platforms located within a 300 km radius of the Shackleton Crater Station and will support payloads containing emergency support equipment up to a maximum of 200 kg. After receiving notice of a habitable mobility platform in need of emergency response, the hopper will complete its suborbital trajectory to the emergency site. After landing at the emergency site, the hopper will deploy any equipment or support requested by the astronauts. The hopper will then complete an additional suborbital trajectory back to the Shackleton Station, landing at the base site. The hopper will await here for its next notice of emergency response and repeat this process for the lifespan of the hopper.

Pitch Video