Group 7 – LILAC

Team Members

Clayton McCool, Domenic Bruzzi, Drew Latta, Marvin Ruiz, Ethan Butz, Adam Wolcott, Jake Heiny, Michael Miranda


.The Lunar-Imaging, Low-Altitude CubeSat, or LILAC, is a 12U CubeSat which will be launched on Artemis III in November 2025 and dispensed toward the Moon. LILAC is tasked with taking images of the Lunar surface and sending these images back to Earth via the Deep Space Network for evaluation. The images taken will be of possible landing sites for the Lunar lander aboard Artemis III. LILAC is designed to complete and adhere to the following most important requirements of the mission: minimum 14-day mission, equal to or less than 25 kilograms, designed within the 12U CubeSat size requirements, operate at or under 28 Volts, and disposed on a specific site on the Lunar surface without creating any space debris. LILAC was designed through the focus of various subsystems: Mechanical/Structures; Electrical; Propulsion; Guidance, Navigation, and Control; Environmental; Testing. Each subsystem was responsible for adhering to all NASA requirements specified and individual derived requirements for the success of the mission. All requirements have been verified as completed and mission success is highly anticipated.