Team Members

Megan Davis, Matthew Harper, Stefano Marconi, Austin Maxwell, Juliana Mishur, Allan Osmar


JAAMMS Solar brings a multitude of advancements to solar energy production not previously provided by today’s heliostat vendors. Established by the principle that we will maximize product efficiency by minimizing cost, a simplistic design will provide substantial energy at a valuable cost. Limiting the parts necessary to produce the function needed will drive down cost, thus requiring a simpler dynamic for the assembly. The design consists of a rim-drive actuator, which will provide rotation in both x and y-axes. The rim-drive will utilize Espressif controllers to power two modules at once. Each module will use two 2.3-volt NEMA stepper motors to power the rim-drive. The motor which drives the primary axis is mounted on PVC structure, while the motor that drives the secondary axis is mounted on the primary axis. Since multiple research papers have stated large heliostats are more cost efficient than smaller ones, we decided to maximize the mirror area of individual heliostats while satisfying the customer need of having at least four heliostats per module. Each mirror will be mounted to the PETG platform using manufactured grips to securely hold the mirror in place, with additional foam placed between the spacing between the platform and mirror to prevent further vibration. Each individual module will be supported by a concrete base, due to the material’s low cost and durable structure with limited damaging effects due to weathering. Additionally, each heliostat will be positioned along the base to eliminate any shading.

Pitch Video


Final Video