Group 1 – R.A.M.P – Rehabilitation Assistance Machine Project

Team Members

Dominique Barnes, Max Michaud, Gilmer Rojas, Shannon Simpson, Krishnah Sivakumaran, William Stewart, Kevin VanHook


The R.A.M.P for the aid in walking rehabilitation using an elliptical combines several unique concepts into one machine. The design consists of 7 main mechanisms: The structure, lift, support, failsafe, user interface, foot attachment and harness systems. Unlike similar machines, much of this design is composed of wood, including the structure, the support mechanisms are mounted to, and failsafe. Additionally, a wooden ramp is used for lifting the patient to the height of the elliptical where they then harness into the support mechanism. The wooden design enables us to provide support to the user at a very competitive price. The support mechanism offsets the users weight using a winch, made by an outside contractor, which connects to a pulley system used to guide the winch rope. A transmission was used to account for the necessary changes in support rope speed with the users changing center of mass. The patient will be attached to the structure using a full-body harness. The patient will be attached to the elliptical using a boot foot attachment that the patient would strap into after ascending the ramp. A set of additional rope slings with slack in them connect to the user during operation comprising the failsafe system.

Pitch Video