Team Members

Samuel Aplin, Robert Connor, Ryan Hostetter, Steven Jenkins, William Kao, Noah Manera, Bashir Nayeem, Brandon Roberts, Matthew Stephens


Our design, the ReactiGator, aimed to create a micro–bioreactor that is capable of meeting customer needs for culturing cells with specific specific environmental and laboratory conditions. This reactor will use use standard laboratory equipment including various well plate sizes and conical tubes. The main unique feature of the ReactiGatoris the flexibility afforded by our autonomous tool delivery system. The robotic arm utilized, can grip a multitude of tools and sensors sensors so the reactor’s reactor’s capabilities can be customized in the future. The arm currently has tools that can deliver fluid, remove waste and run the OD/FI sensors inside the enclosure. Five types of gases are regulated within the system with explosion proof solenoids for the flammable gases (O2, H2, and CH4). Fluid addition and subtraction is accomplished via a reversible peristaltic pump. The hoses can be cleaned with an ethanol solution, which is stored in a reservoir placed inside the reactor. Temperature is managed by an external DC Micro Air Conditioner that can regulate between 0°C and 70°C. Included in our reactor is a shaker mechanism that allows for linear, orbital and double orbital rotation using linear actuators. The system can easily be programmed and controlled using a Raspberry Pi and display on the front face of an accessible electrical housing unit.

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