Team Members

Zachary Beaufait, Kyle Burke, Kipling Cohen, Isaac Corcoran, Justin Kosky, and Derek Moss


The Harness Actuating Lift System (HALS) is a cost-efficient solution to the customer’s demand for a low cost Offset Weight Support. HALS is created using almost entirely off the shelf parts and fasteners, which greatly reduces manufacturing cost. Moreover, the parts that do need to be manufactured are as simple as cutting a piece of sheet metal or forged beam. These off the shelf and manufactured parts work in perfect symphony to create a system that achieves all the customer needs at a reasonable cost to the customer. HALS consists of five different subsystems that each handle an important task to help lift and control the user’s movement. The focus on the synergy between these subsystems, whether it’s the harness being perfectly balanced by the lifting structure or the control system giving inputs to the actuating lift system, creates an overall system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Pitch Video