Team Members

Cross Gawel, Tomas Riveron-Garcia, Jeremy Joseph, Michael MacIsaac, Sarah Knapp, Jordan Pickering, and Sean Pendergast


The Assisted Rehabilitative Kinematic (ARK) Device is the first of its kind to help paraplegics use elliptical machines. The current design features a ceiling mounted I-beam assembly, fitted with a trolley, trolley housing, power supply, and harness. The trolley system possesses two motors and a winch designed for supporting the weight of the user and the two motors have the capability of being continuously adjusted with a Raspberry Pi while the user is exercising. This trolley translates one-dimensionally across a specified portion of the I-beam to successfully lift the user from a wheelchair and into position above an elliptical training device. The rehabilitation specialist will be responsible for the movement of the user to the elliptical at a pace comfortable to both. To prevent motion of the trolley while the user is exercising, there will be four locking clamps, two in the front portion of the trolley and two in the back that attach to the I-beam. These clamps prohibit further motion in either direction, locking the user in place. The user will also have control of the system in the sense that they will able to stop the motors at any point during the operation by pressing a safety button attached to the chest area of the harness. Additionally, there will be LED lights mounted on the trolley system and displayed on the tablet that tell the specialist and user what mode the system is in: powered on, in-use, raising/lowering the patient, and critical error.

Pitch Video