Team Members

Damir Fayzulaev, William Zach Geiger, Colin Hall, Joshua Hornilla, Noah Needles, Shane Woll


Welcome to group 3’s heliostat design –inspired by sustainability, efficiency, and simplicity. The design focuses on reducing complexity by eliminating unnecessary components and assemblies. The full heliostat assembly features a T–beam structure, a belt driven articulation system, and reflective surfaces consisting of highly reflective solar film adhered to two aluminum sheet metal panels for rigidity. The exhilarating field design calculated how to create a concentration factor of over 1,000 suns – generating enough power for the customer by placing over 2,000 heliostats in a radial cornfield layout. Despite being the smallest group, group 3 has been working non–stop to create the best heliostat design in hopes that the UF research department will want to manufacture our design. In the case that our design is selected for production, each member could profit off their intellectual property that went into generating the final product. We invite you to find answers to your engineering questions, figure out our inspiration for the design, and come find out what it really means to be an engineering with group 3.

Pitch Video


Final Video