Team Members

Anthony Restrepo, Brady Walter, Derek Teodoro, Josiah Bray, Lucas Michels


The objective of this summer 2020 Mechanical Engineering Design course was to design a 3D bioprinter capable of printing and extracting cells in a gel medium on top of a Nikon Eclipse Ti confocal microscope. Thus, a group of engineering students designed their own unique solution through an engineering design process wherein different concepts were generated, scored, and compared for selection for the final design. Based on a hedgehog concept where the design does not rely on microscope mounting turret to reduce vibrations and ease assembly, the String and Spring Precision Extraction and Extrusion Device (SSPEED) was conceived. SSPEED is a bioprinter unique in its design due to actuation of the printer head movements through a spring and string mechanisms. While tension springs forces movement in one direction, the control on the tension of a string with a stepper motor provides a precise actuation for printing. Therefore, this design allows for motors to be mounted outside the printer head fulfilling customer requirements. The height of the printer head is controlled through a string connected to a stepper motor and spool that compensates horizontal movement through a controls algorithm to maintain constant height. The extrusion and extraction flow rate are actuated through a lead screw mechanism that controls a disposable syringe for easy sterilization. Ultimately, due to its design simplicity, SSPEED is an affordable precision bioprinter.

Pitch Video


Final Video