Team Members

Samantha Mangoni, Everett Christian, Jonathan Holey, Alexander Lacerna, Jhyv Philor, John Fyfe, Anastasia Loginova, John Shafer


The goal of the GreatorGatorBioteam Autonomous Microbioreactor was to provide a means of running multiple experiments simultaneously. To accomplish this, the microbioreactor must provide conditions such that experiments can be done independently from one another with four controllable factors: liquid handling, shaking patterns, gas control, and temperature control. Having a focus on independent conditions makes this design unique because it allows the user to partake in a variety of experiments without having to purchase more than one machine. This is accomplished through our Hedgehog Concept. The Hedgehog Concept that underpins our design is having two independent chambers that allow for separate experiments. One chamber allows for experiments to be run with microbes in well plates, while the other allows for separate experiments to be run in conical tubes. The use of completely separate chambers allows the user to create two unique environments by independently modifying liquid handling, shaking patterns, gas control, and temperature control. With the ability to control these four parameters, a large range of potential experiments can be performed. Having two separate chambers also allows the lab technicians to perform two experiments at once which can reduce cost, experiment time and wasted space.

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