Group 9 – ELIPTI-AID

Team Members

Daniel Alborn, Zachary Dokey, Al Amin Hadis, John Holloran, Azwad Rahman, Kristofer Robinson, Akshay Singh


The purpose of the device is to allow for users with limited mobility of their legs to be able to exercise on a standard stationary elliptical. The design is characterized by a harness with which the user is strapped into and then supported from above by a steel frame. A control system affixed to the device, along with a series of pulleys and a motor, will allow the user to offset the desired percentage of their bodyweight. In addition to being able to easily and safely offset the weight of the user, the device is easily transportable and maneuverable. The width of the frame is telescopic in nature, allowing for the device to be able to be locked into a smaller position to fit through tighter areas such as doorways during transportation. The height of the frame is also easily adjustable to allow for lower ceilings and doorframes to pose no issue. All adjustments made to the frame for transportation do not require the device to be disassembled and are not time extensive. Additionally, the use of four off the shelf caster wheels allow for superior maneuverability with essentially no restriction in turning radius. During use, the user or operator will be able to operate the device primarily through a control panel with physical knobs and dials, which provide a superior tactile response as opposed to something less responsive like a touchscreen. With considerations like these, the experience for both the operators and the users should be constructive and positive.

Pitch Video