Team Members

Jose Camacho, Kevin Cochran, Connor Duffy, Matthew Liffrig, Dante Marra, Connor Murray, Alden Zamorano


Our modular heliostat was designed around the hedgehog concept of minimizing overall size while maximizing range of motion and using simplistic modular design to limit cost. The design utilizes four subsystems to maximize efficiency and address the customer needs: Mirror, Rotational Device, Modular Support Structure, and Protective Casing. The mirror was constructed from flat plexiglass to enable easy attachment by bolt and cleanability from a flat non–reactive surface. The rotational device uses stepper motors with metal worm gears to maximize torque and lifespan while limiting tracking errors and cost. A support structure, constructed from welded steel for easy assembly, was used to raise the heliostats slightly off the ground for protection. This structure is secured to concrete anchors buried in the ground which limits the assembly time on–site. The protective structure is made from ABS vacuum–molded plastic which seals well from the elements, increasing lifespan at a low cost. This design is unique due to the modularity as well as the safety and protective features. The design features four main components that can be constructed off–site and then assembled with ease on–site: mirror with bracket, elevation tracker, azimuth tracker, and support structure. The modularity allows for quick set up on–site with minimal labor required and easy replacement of broken parts. Finally, the protective casing, and electrical shutoffs combined with high–wind modes ensures longevity and safe use of each module.

Pitch Video