Team Members

Matthew Maddalon, Matthew Lutton, Tiffany Ung, Ryan Mattson, Srajat Rastogi, Garrett Morgan, Rendy Khairan


GatorDomiNation’s proposal for the AIAA 2021 Undergraduate Aircraft Design competition is the KY-11, which is a light attack aircraft that can perform takeoff and landing on short, austere fields and provide close air support to ground forces. The KY-11 is a twin engine, jet aircraft comparable to attack aircrafts, such as the Su-25. The KY-11 was chosen to be a jet aircraft because initial weight estimations proved jet aircrafts to be more efficient than propeller aircrafts for the design and long-range ferry missions outlined for the competition. The KY-11 has an empty weight of 15643 lbs and a maximum takeoff weight of 24266 lbs. The design of the KY-11 also prioritizes survivability by including bulletproof glass for the cockpit, buried engines in the aircraft’s armpit, and self-sealing fuel tanks in the wing. The KY-11 can carry up to 3020 lbs of armaments including bombs, missiles, rocket launchers, and an internal gun. The KY-11 can achieve a top speed of 629 mph with a service ceiling of 38979 ft. Additionally, the maximum range of the Ky-11 is 2362 nmi, while the maximum endurance is 5.85 hrs. The unit cost of the KY-11 light attack aircraft is $61.2 Million for a production run of 50 units.

Pitch Video


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