Group 2 – ShakeY –X Tables

Team Members

Nicholas Garcia, Brandon Gay, Jacob Gorter, Aiden McGahey, Elioenai Porto, Kierstin Smith, Julia St. Hilaire


The goal of ShakeY-X Tables is to create a bio-shaker table that is both simply designed and intuitive to operate. To achieve that goal, the efficient use of material and simplicity of the user interface were given the utmost priority during the development. The user interface relies on software to take inputs from the user. Only a single button is used to navigate the menu. This reduces the footprint of the UI and promotes an effective use of physical components.

The compact design keeps the cost of production and assembly time to a minimum. Reversible test tube holders allow for the analysis of 50 mL and 15 mL samples at the same time as a 96 well plate, depending on the orientation. Standard shaker tables on the market today usually go for about $2000, whereas our product will be sold for just $800, making it much more cost effective for potential buyers. Additionally, the user-friendly interface makes using the table intuitive with little to no instruction. Integrated optical density and fluorescent intensity (OD/FI) sensors provide the user with biological information and allow for automated shaking patterns, providing a seamless user experience. This cuts training time for new users and allows for immediate application in any setting. The table profile is also 57% smaller than typical table designs, allowing it to be more easily maneuvered and take up less workspace. All these factors allow users to dedicate more valuable time and resources to the experiments they conduct with the shaker table.

Pitch Video

3D Interactive Product Model

The following is an interactive 3D model of the product design. You can view and rotate the product assembly in different orientations and views, including an exploded view to see the various parts that make up the assembly.