Group 11 – H3LIOSTATS

Team Members

Tomas Bertone, Chris Boor, Adrianna DeBoer, Mark Itkin, Katelyn Neukam, Kate Todd, Andrea Wright


Abstract : We are H3LIO Gators, and our hedgehog concept focuses on minimizing the number of parts which helps reduce the cost and labor for manufacturing. Our design for H3LIOSTAT consists of electronics, kinematics, and structures. All of the components we designed were prototyped by 3D printing. We used limit switches to create reference points that are used in kinematics calculations to determine the desired angles. Our design is made of two elbows that rotate independently, allowing the mirror to rotate at the desired angles. The rotation system deviates from a traditional heliostat design that operates on two orthogonal axes. This design choice allows for simpler structures and improves modularity. We converted the rotation of two Nema 17 stepper motors to the rotation of the elbows by using a planetary gear system. This gear system is located directly in the elbow which eliminates the need for additional parts. We created a heliostat design where the motors, gears, and electronics are contained within the heliost at elbows to protect them from the environment. The base of the design stores all of the electronic components inside the case, which allows for easier access to repair or replace the components and protects them from the environment. We used adhesives on the mirror to attach it to the frame. Using these design concepts, we were able to create a heliostat that meets customer needs efficiently while maintaining the lowest number of components possible.

Pitch Video


Final Video