Group 12 – DELORIS

Team Members

Natalie Broide, William Geiger, Noah Needles, April Sebok, Matthew Snyder, Jacob Wissinger, Alden Zamorano


Deloris is a small-scale heliostat design aiming for simplicity through minimizing part count and size. Reducing part count and simplifying part complexity reduces the manufacturing time for each individual part, thus decreasing its overall manufacturing time and allowing for rapid iteration. Moreover, the design can easily be assembled due to the reduced number of parts consisting of predominately M3 fasteners. Due to its embedded thrust bearing to remove shaft loading on the lower motor, Deloris can utilize the motors as structural components without putting undue loading on the motors themselves. The 3D printed bottom motor housing’s sleek, water-channeling design protects the electronic components from the elements and contains two easy-to-remove fasteners to allow for quick assembly and disassembly. All casing components take advantage of natural cooling via ventilation. Both motors contain the ability to micro-step, allowing for increased tracking accuracy without the need for more complicated mechanical components such as gears and levers. The design contains two limit switches and two homing switches that allow the heliostat to both locate itself in space and prevent it from exceeding its rotational limits. In situations of high wind loads, its unpowered safety mode, which contains only mechanical locking and magnets, prevents additional power consumption during times the heliostat cannot be used. All in all, Deloris is an innovative yet economical solution to reducing the cost of concentrated solar power.

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Final Video