Team Members

Jason Adams, Joshua Kempfert, Snehal Misra, Elijah Schott, Brianna Szymanski


The Excellerator is a Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD) that provides the best launch capabilities on the market. Our team has the utmost respect for the hard work and dedication that our customers put into their design, so we have made it our priority to deliver an intricately thought-out dispenser that guarantees an effortless ejection into space. Equipped with constant force springs, Teflon coated rails, and magnetic charging connectors, the Excellerator can make the launch process smooth and worry-free. Some design benefits include minimizing the ejection force, reducing friction, and ensuring minimum acceleration during launch. Additionally, the structural requirements of the CubeSat are reduced due to the minimized launch force, further ensuring safety during ejection. The entire design has many other great qualities and features that can be further explained to anyone interested in learning more. Our commitment to a smooth launch means customers can tailor their CubeSat to its mission rather than ascent and ejection loads, making it an excellent option for 12U CubeSats everywhere.