Team Members

Kyle Verlangieri, Alex Gonzalez, Brian Houtenbrink-Hoyo, Ivan Mitevski, Justin Juge, Matthew Nguyen


To make the best CubeSat dispenser we decided to focus on the simplicity of the design, making it as user friendly as possible. Our goal was to design a CubeSat dispenser that was simplified down to only the necessary components, providing accessibility to anyone who desired it by not requiring a technical background to understand and operate the device. We determined that our passion is making the most user friendly device possible, and we can be the best in the world at it by making the simplest design available, which has economic viability because our simplest design was also one of the cheapest which led to saving money on the overall project. What makes our design different from many other designs is that it requires easily manufactured or off-the-shelf (OTS) components which allows for easy assembly of the device while keeping cost down by not requiring complicated OTS parts or high manufacturing expenses. The unique aspect of our design is the applied minimalist approach, which allows for the user to understand how to control and monitor the device very easily and without advanced knowledge in any particular field, making it the most user friendly device possible.