Team Members

Adam Hays, Adam Paroff, Brandon Stolz, Oren Anderson, Ryan Araque, Ryan Gorman


The Satellite Springer – our custom canisterized satellite dispenser – has two primary functions: to protect and launch a CubeSat. GatorLaunch sought to answer the customer needs and develop a design that could benefit from our cross disciplinary skillset in mechanical and electrical engineering. Our hedgehog concept accomplishes this by using our passion for simplicity and elegant design as the driving force to develop an economical and cost-effective solution. The concept that we created features a rectangular frame, a coil spring launcher, four highly integrated vibration dampening guide rails, a solenoid actuated sprung door, and electrical connectors for both launch vehicle connection and CubeSat trickle charging. Using an aluminum frame with exterior mounted sheeting will allow the interior of the Satellite Springer and the CubeSat to be easily accessible. Utilizing clever design techniques, a reduction in parts is possible for the guiderails and frame assemblies, reducing both the cost and assembly time of the device. Launch is achieved using four springs attached to a plate mounted below the CubeSat, propelling it into space when the door opens. Concerns about the door impacting the CubeSat drove design decisions for it to magnetically lock once open to prevent it from swinging back and possibly damaging the satellite. Each of these design choices allow for the Satellite Springer to remain cheap and simple, reducing failure points while strictly adhering to the design constraints from our customer.