Team Members

Jacob Gorter, Kari Lau, Ricardo Martinez, Jacob McCann, Kristina Sanders, Nicholas Weber


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) seeks the creation of a canisterized satellite dispenser (CSD) to be designed and prototyped by the University of Florida, then manufactured into production by a certified aerospace subcontractor. As a hedgehog concept, Diana Seekers aims to create an innovative and sustainable CSD to enable and aid human expansion throughout the solar system, starting with lunar exploration in a way unforeseen from previous CSD designs. By fostering specialized talent and experiences, Diana Seekers aims to support and catalyze American economic growth. With the diverse backgrounds of each member, a new perspective is derived to drive the project in a specialized direction. The CSD is equipped with a box shaped casing to provide rigidity, while being large enough to store the CubeSat and remaining subsystems. A titanium reenforced exterior frame was specifically chosen to strengthen the CSD’s casing, while using a lighter weight material such as aluminum for the main framing pieces. The CubeSat is ejected by a spring-loaded launcher mechanism attached to a plate to provide an optimized velocity with a rails system to force a direct trajectory for exit. By integrating components of reflective paint to reduce the radiation and larger vents to improve the internal pressure regulation, a unique design was developed for the CSD. Design considerations integrated into the S.P.A.C.E.’s design serve to protect the CubeSat during the mission to support extended exploration of the moon, while maintaining environmental standards and design standards.