Team Members

John (Jake) Faiella, Nicholas Garcia, Brandon Gay, Mack Johnson, and Richard (Grant) Rudman


Njango Aerospace strives to make known the mysteries of the universe by engineering cutting-edge technology within the separation systems sector. The current focus of Njango is the development of the B100X product – a lightweight canniseterized satellite dispenser (CSD) aimed at maximizing profit per unit mass saved. The B100X CSD design focuses on reducing the mass of the enclosure and launch door subsystems, both of which are common high-mass contributors among other CSDs in the industry. The B100X CSD enclosure uses an internal honeycomb structure that reduces weight by 22%, conserving at least 6% of the total mission fuel while maintaining the load, shock, and vibrational resistances required to withstand the launch, stage-separation, and satellite deployment phases of the mission. Additionally, the B100X CSD launch door uses a lightweight polyimide film to protect the satellite from radiation while allowing the satellite to exit the enclosure without the need for a motor or mass-heavy electronics. As a result of the reduced weight of the B100X CSD, more weight or fuel can be dedicated toward other space exploration devices such as rovers or telescopes. Alternatively, by using the low-mass B100X CSD, more satellites could launch per rocket preventing the need for multiple missions. Regardless of how the customer chooses to capitalize on the spare mass created from the B100X CSD design, the B100X CSD further advances the space exploration capability of our customers. Go beyond. Go Njango.