Group 13 – SHAKECORE

Team Members

Natasha Polito, Emilee Briscoe, Olivia Clubley, Austin Horrell, Trevor Noyes, Spencer Schmidt, Brett Winter


The future of microbioreactor shaker tables has arrived with the birth of ShakeCORE. This unique design features a Core XY actuation mechanism, a system of belts and pulleys that has seen rising popularity in modern 3D printers. Through a series of potentiometer dials, the shaking pattern, speed, and radius are all independently adjusted without the need for tools or delays. The ShakeCORE design securely holds standard well plates and tubes using an open holder base that offers room for an OD/FI cell culture monitoring system. Finally, the versatility of the Core XY motion system allowed the ShakeCORE design to be ultra-compact. The final footprint of the shaker assembly is only 10” x 12”. This allows the design to integrate easily into your microbioreactor. The Hedgehog concept developed by the ShakeCORE team detailed a shaker table assembly, which was simplistic in nature, lightweight in function, small in stature, mighty in output, and cost effective using OTS parts. The final design developed and presented by the ShakeCORE team achieves each of these metrics making the ShakeCORE shaker table assembly an innovative and practical design to incorporate into research labs across campus.