Group 14 – SHOOK

Team Members

Samuel Roshaven, Elijah Rice, Moises Castro, Chase Manning, Cameron Sarajedini, Brett Kaniper, Daniel Valencia


The Shook Incubator Shaker Table is a mechanism that can oscillate a platform in three patterns of motion and allows for the fixture of test tubes or a well plate. The linear and orbital motions are performed by independent mechanisms that can articulate simultaneously to perform double-orbital patterns. Our goal is to reduce barriers for scientific research by developing a product that may be assembled and maintained by a single layman through DFM, DMFA and standardized part sizes. Consequently, The Shook Incubator Shaker Table maximizes OTS parts, minimizes part complexity, and requires a handful of common tools to assemble. Part complexity is reduced by necessitating only drilled and tapped holes in nominal stock sizes without a requirement for surface finish. To reduce assembly and maintenance requirements, the design requires a hex key set and two wrenches for assembly. These tools are cheap and widely available, chosen to reflect our goal and design philosophy. As a result, the design costs under $200 and is extremely compact. To achieve linear motion, a crank arm assembly is powered by a NEMA 17 stepper motor to drive a platform mounted to a linear slide. As the motor rotates the crank arm, oscillatory linear motion is generated in the platform restricted to the crank arm length. To achieve orbital motion, Shook developed a dog bone linkage to generate an orbital motion of fixed orbital diameter. The orbital motion assembly is attached directly to the linear oscillation platform and powered by a NEMA 17 stepper motor.