Team Members

Zane Chapman, Augustus Heal, Joshua Hornilla, Vincent Onessimo, Allan Osmar, Jenna Scott, Oscar Torres


The Shake It or Break It shaker table features orbital, linear, and double orbital shaking patterns driven fully by kinematic mechanisms. This attribute, as our hedgehog concept, permits all patterns to run without any motor reversals thus ensuring prolonged motor life and a continuous orbital and double orbital shaking pattern without jolting or brief stops. Additionally, having no motor reversals reduces mechanical vibrations therein limiting component fatigue and audible noise. The linear pattern is driven by a slider crank mechanism, while the orbital mechanism is driven by an offset from its drive motor. The double orbital pattern is a unique superposition of these two motions whereby only the slider crank motor’s speed is varied. This creates a simple mechanical design which limits risks of mechanical failures and allows for easy servicing. Further still, orbital adjustments are driven by an innovative geared mechanism that allows for hands free orbital radius adjustments. That is, the orbital radius can be controlled entirely though the LCD user interface. Moreover, the tube rack snaps into the shaker table allowing for the quick and easy exchange between a tube rack and well plate setup. On the electronics side, the bulk of electrical components are hidden in a sealed container underneath the shaker assembly ensuring no liquid or impact damage to electronic components during operation whilst simultaneously minimizing the table’s overall spatial footprint.