Group 1 – EVIL INC.

Team Members

Diego Alejandro Navarrete, John Charles Parker, Asher Siddiqui, Zain Omar, Zachary Axel Hohl, Shridhar Shanbhag


Evil Inc. has designed a Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD) that protects and deploys a LEWIS CubeSat. This CSD will protect and assist the CubeSat during all phases, from ground to terminal deployment. This design stands alone with the system’s reliability. The two main mechanical points of failure for CubeSat deployers are the failure to open their doors and the inability to launch the CubeSat. To combat these problems, Evil Inc has designed a deployment sequence that minimizes complexity by using proven mechanical techniques. To prepare the CSD for launch, the Cubesat is inserted, compressing the spring-fixed launcher. The door is closed using the burn wire hook assembly. The release hook design is held in place over the door during flight by a tensioned Vectran cable. After an order for deployment, the thermoresistors will receive commands to heat the Vectran. Once the burn wire ignites, the hook handle swings back, the door unlocks, and the previously compressed spring will push the CubeSat out, deploying it. The burn wire is connected to ignition wires at three points, making the door locking mechanism and the CubeSat launching mechanism triple redundant. Due to the unique way the door locking mechanism and ejection system synergize, the Evil Inc. design is one of the most reliable CSDs on the market.