Team Members

Artur Bernatskiy, Oscar Chuy, William Sawyer, Baleigh Sweeney, Claudio Trillo


The C.U.B.E. excels in streamlined CSDs for your one-of-a-kind CubeSat. The design presented features key designs and subsystems meant to optimize the success rate of every mission from beginning to end of the CSD’s operational use. Whether it is awaiting launch in the humid climate of Florida, in launch aboard the SLS, or in space preparing for the release of the CubeSat; the simplistic model is created to not only be efficient but limit the cost of production without hindering performance. The design is composed of six assemblies: infrastructure, ejection, communication/power, door, ventilation, and attachment. The C.U.B.E. infrastructure is comprised of aluminum sheets surrounding an internal frame of screwed 80/20. The light and inexpensive frame and base allow for other crucial components to be incorporated into the CSD. A part of this infrastructure is the rails supporting the CubeSat for ease of launch on its spring-loaded ejection mechanism, launching CubeSat at 2 m/s relative to the ship’s speed. For ease of communication and power transfer with the launch vehicle, a data port connects the CubeSat to the CSD. Upon release, a latched rectangular door opens via a small motor attached to the latch and opens with the help of spring-loaded hinges. The design is fitted with spring-assisted, filter-covered check valves for venting the CSD during launch and ascent. The bolted mounting to the vehicle itself incorporates a gasket/foam under the CSD to help with vibration. The overall result is a design built to last with low-cost manufacturability.