Group 3 – JAAMES

Team Members

Alexander Bailey, Samuel Fetter, Andrew Graeber, Josh McHarris, Marco Moreno, Elioenai Porto


Here at JAAMES, our passion for advancing space exploration and delivering on our promises has driven us to design a Canisterized Satellite Dispenser that ensures mission success. The most important aspect of any mission is the reliability of all components and systems. Detailed analyses have led our team to select highly dependable methods of ejection and communication. The G3-CSD implements a multi-spring ejection system that ensures a uniform CubeSat velocity profile by utilizing guide rails to maintain push-plate alignment. Our sensor suite provides detailed and accurate verification of the health and status of the system. To accomplish this, a set of photogates is used for determination of CubeSat occupancy and exit velocity. Limit switches are used as a simple and reliable method for monitoring the door state. Our frame configuration is easily manufactured and assembled while maintaining structural integrity. Our door mechanism minimizes launch interference and opening time. The seamless integration of all subsystems results in a cohesive and dependable CubeSat deployment platform. JAAMES TO THE MOON!