Team Members

Tim Dockham, Drew Meyerson, Israel Chinn, Max Haar, Patrick Fagan, Ryan Ringrose


Tasked with building a CubeSat dispenser for the new lunar exploration with imaging satellites Group 4’s design personifies our groups three core values. Many dispensers already exist, new and exciting innovations have grown stagnant, therefore our first core value is innovation. We want to create a truly unique design, that explores new possibilities for the dispenser no matter how outrageous. We want these new innovations to improve lives and better the world. This ties into our second core value, which is to make a positive impact on the world. With launch vehicle space becoming readily available to privatized ventures and even amateur projects, we hope to create a design that simplifies the process of CubeSat deployment and makes it easier for these small ventures to launch satellites. CubeSats are becoming more and more popular, and we want to do our part to minimize the cost for these new and exciting projects. Therefore, our final core value is to maximize our profit per subsystem, we plan to keep the price per subsystem as low as possible to lower the barrier for entry of new CubeSats. Our design will create a new and exciting step forward in CubeSat deployment and make it easier than ever to launch a CubeSat.