Team Members

Alessia Venturi, Ali Shams, Taylor Morrison, Nathan Nichols, Nicole Kershner, Rachel Wrobel


Yeehaw Dispensers introduces a unique Canisterized Satellite Dispenser design for extended exploration of the moon. The primary focus of Yeehaw Dispensers is on modularity, easy manufacturing and assembly, and ease-of repair. Our design minimizes the number of components, custom parts, and permanently fixed parts in order to make the most easily repairable and manufacturable CSD. For example, the outer housing is bolting to the inner housing, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. The spring-based launch mechanism does not involve welding or other permanent fixture methods; instead, the ends of the springs sit in channels. To further simplify the design, only one electrical signal is needed to launch the CubeSat; the lock-based door mechanism opens in response to a signal, which allows the spring to decompress and thus launch the CubeSat. Many of the components are off-the-shelf models. Many corporations intentionally make products difficult to fix in order to increase profits from repairs and new purchases; our team differs by preserving the right and ability of the end user to repair products as efficiently as possible.