Team Members

Dylan Balkaran, Phoebe DeLory, Joseph Harmon, Carlos Rios, Thomas Battaglini Simoes de Souza


With the objective of launching a CubeSat capable of observing the lunar surface, the VASSD Corporation has developed the VASSD (Variable Speed Satellite Dispenser). The VASSD utilizes adjustable motor control through the use of multiple flywheels to allow the payload to be launched into lunar orbit at varying speeds between the specified 0.5 and 2 m/s range. This launch concept can also exceed the maximum 2 m/s velocity if needed, reaching up to 4.44 m/s at maximum power, and is tunable. The VASSD is also comprised primarily of OTS parts to reduce manufacturing and assembly time as well as cost. The CSD is capable of supplying continuous power to its payload, while protecting the CubeSat from external contamination for the duration of the mission until the payload is launched. It utilizes a durable titanium housing which is capable of withstanding all loads while the device might undergo, and aluminum gussets will keep the VASSD firming attached to the mounting platform. Once the designated x-band radio signal is received by the VASSD’s antenna, a linear actuator will release the lock on the door, and two flywheels will be powered in order to propel the payload at the correct velocity. To minimize error, the door will be held open and out of the path of the CubeSat by torsion springs hinges. Our VASSD CSD system delivers increased adjustability of the launching velocity and provides the user with highly precise control.