Team Members

James Acosta, Xin Hai, Rachel Hineline, Eric Lee, Devindra Ramdeen, Colby Ross, Moxa Raval, Heyang Wang


Our culture maintenance device is designed to be a simple, modular, and user-friendly product that is not only durable, but reliable. Simple geometric parts allow for efficient manufacturing and easily replaceable parts if repairs are needed. Our interface utilizes 4 buttons to control the entire device, making it possible for anyone to operate the device, while maintaining functionality. The dual-axial, belt driven, guide rod assembly is powered by two NEMA 17 stepper motors and is only 10″ (L) x 10″ (W) x 6″ (H); weighing a mere 3.5 pounds. Inspired by the Ultimaker S5 3D Printer, our design is expected to be the best cost-effective design by prioritizing simplicity and functionality.