Group 3 – QUATIO

Team Members

Hunter Bitner, Jessica Blazek, Daniel Corrada, David Hargrave, Utah Johnson, Darren Keane, Cameron Mayhorn


Quatio was spawned out of a desire to optimize efficiency and cost via going against contemporary solutions to shaker table technology. Cost reduction was emphasized as the core reason for deviating from commonly utilized motion techniques, further resulting in a cost-efficient ($224.38 per module) while still effective shaker table design. With easily adjustable linear, orbital, and double orbital modes processed by an easily understood user interface, Unicus Excitare has a low technical knowledge threshold to be used in the lab setting for experimentation. The table is capable of fitting a range of standardized well plates and test tube racks, further designed to prevent usage mishaps through the allocation of a mechanical and programmed emergency stop capabilities. Spatial conservation was but a secondary outcome of the optimized design for Unicus Excitare in only taking up 28.16 cubic inches, allowing for conservative allocation of spatial resources in the greater bioreactor assemblies. Capable of thriving in a wide range of experimentation conditions, Unicus Excitare pushes beyond contemporary solutions to biological solution excitement through innovative design and furthermore realization of a truly superior product.