Team Members

Kristin Santaniello, Patricio A Miranda, Alexander J Hadid, David P Norton, Joseph Manning Nabors, Alexis Aiory Hernandez, Lisa Aberg


Our team, Shaker Schmaker, is skilled at adaptation, passionate about building machines, and driven to provide a product that is simple and affordable. We are motivated to design a product that allows our customers to be flexible with various options to use, while it has an affordable simple structure. This hedgehog concept has led to the design of our shaker table, the adapTABLE. Our modular design was made with the customers in mind to give the researchers options as to what ODFI to use, variable orbital radii, and multiple test specimens. Consisting of majority accessible off-the-shelf parts, which lowered down the cost of manufacturing, we have designed a modular shaker table, that gives scientists more flexibility with their testing. At least, the modular shaker table will be capable of accommodating cultural plates of sizes 6, 24, 48, 96, deep 96, 384, and accommodating conical tube racks of sizes 15 mL and 50 mL. However, we added to the modular design adjustable clamps that provide more availability to use different sizes of cultural plates if needed. The modular product has the capabilities to reach 25 mm diameter in linear travel and adjustable orbits. In addition, the modular product is designed to adjust to a diameter without the need of external tools. The adapTABLE is divided into 5 subsystems: the base, the frame, the shake, the table, and electronics.