Group 4 – C.L.A.R.K.

Team Members

Mikaela De Gracia, Mateo Angeles, Derek Pfeffer, Rishabdev Bahl, William Morrisroe, Jasmin Rabosto, Ireland Brown, Samuel Peck, Joshua Thompson


The purpose of the LEWIS mission is to obtain high-resolution images of potential lunar landing for the Artemis III mission through utilization of CubeSat technology. The CLARK (Cubic Lunar Analysis Recon Kit) CubeSat will accomplish the main LEWIS mission objective by traveling as a payload on the upper stage of the SLS (Space Launch System)in order to be launched in to a close orbit around the moon. Once deployed from the SLS, the CLARK CubeSat will transition orbit around the moon and take10 passes to image the target landing sites, before ending the mission by crashing at a pre-allocated gravesite. The primary payload of the CLARK CubeSat is the Simera HyperScape 100,a high-resolution camera with successful flight history. The SimeraHyperScape has hyperspectral capabilities, which will allow CLARK to gather additional information regarding the composition of the moon’s surface alongside the landing site images. Other key components of the CLARK CubeSat include deployable solar panels, thermal and vibrational controlling systems, a CubeADCS 3-axis control system, and an aluminum frame.